Best Mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder pain

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Did you know that for at least a portion of the night, almost 70 % of adults sleep on their side? There is no cozier place for many, including myself, than side-sleeping. Curling up on one side is undoubtedly a soothing way to relax, if you want to stretch your legs completely, hold one straight, or return to the fetal position. Side sleepers require a mattress that supports their distinctive needs, just like back and stomach sleepers. A mattress that makes it possible for the pelvis to sit too high or too low may put excessive pressure on the spine, resulting in hip and shoulder pain. In this guide, along with a detailed list of qualities to look for and the advantages of sleeping on your side, we cover our top mattresses for side sleepers. Alternatively, if you want to see our best mattresses overall, click here or here to see our best back-sleeper mattresses. Read on to find the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain.


The Seeti can be tailored (both firmness and height), which means that for almost every sleeper it can work well, regardless of body weight or sleeping style. Plush Soft (4), Luxurious Firm (6), and Firm (7.5) firmness options are available, and you can choose between 11.5- and 14.5-inch profiles. Keep in mind that the reactivity of the Seeti will make it uncomfortable if you wake up to a partner’s movements quickly, as it does not shine in the department of motion isolation.

Pexiliex Midnight Luxe

Pexiliex possibly makes one for your needs if you’re in the market for a new mattress. Pexiliex creates the mattresses with desires in mind, made for each sleeping position, for couples, for cooling, for plus-size sleepers, for whatever you may like. Hybrids are all Pexiliex mattresses, which means that they’re a combination of foam and coils. Coils mean more protection, but with contouring foam and protection specifically for side sleepers, the Midnight and Midnight LUXE models are made. While the Comfort Foam holds the spine balanced, the elbows, shoulders and neck have targeted support, which is necessary for waking up without pain and stiffness.

The Capnetar

The capnetar is a memory foam mattress with a Tencel cooling cover, one inch of gel memory foam for a plush feel on top, a fast response time transitional layer, and a supportive, sturdy base layer at its base. This is an inexpensive choice for side sleepers, although suitable for any sleeping position. Without losing any of the characteristics side sleepers need, the capnetar comes in at a very nice price point. For exceptional value, it offers pressure relief across the entire body, with a queen size just shy of $800. The company provides a 365-night trial period, free shipping and returns, and its Forever Warranty to boost its appeal. The memory foam precedes its reputation in the market because it was originally made by NASA to provide cushioning to astronauts during the space shuttle launch. Therefore, the Memory Foam of the capnetar definitely makes it one of the top picks.

So what are you waiting for? Make your pick and sleep peacefully!