How to Plan a Creative Black Friday Cyber Monday promotion?

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Are you a retailer? Or won an e-commerce store, you need to get the best ideas for promoting your goods. No matter where you sell it, be it Amazon or your site. You cannot make enough money unless the consumer out there knows about the product. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are marked as one of the greatest sales and shopping events. To make most of these events, a seller must plan throughout the year. Keep a close eye on the selling and promotion strategies. In 2020, the only selling space in cyberspace, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

People expect an amazing response from the sellers; they would plan to buy everything at these events. They expect everything on sale from the needles and threads to the best mattress deals Black Friday. That is why the sellers must plan appropriately.

Here is what they can do.

Ignore the blanket sales

Flat sales are becoming boring every day. It can help you earn a great deal for the initial days of the sale, but gradually, sales will decline when the competition rises. Similarly, no one wants to have the same 20% off on a black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. They yearn for more. 

Being a wise seller, you cannot go for a flat 50% off and then get nothing as a profit margin. Here is what you should do to attract customers. 

  • Plan for an average value sale. You can plan a sale for a limited range; if, for example, somebody would purchase goods worth 200 bucks, they will get a discount of 30% or more. This way, people would buy more and more.
  • You can go a little low for the complete blanket sale, like the 10 or 15% off only. It will retain the attention of the buyers. 

Set a revenue goal

You should not dream of getting a treasure after the Black Friday sales. Fix a limit, because the more the orders, the more the pressure of deliveries. Along with the deliveries, the returns and refunds will also get on your nerves. 

To determine a realistic limit and revenue goal, you can look at the previous records. Check what is feasible with the available resources. You cannot spend all your savings on an advertisement; first, understand the revenue goals and then plan the advertisement strategy. 

The traffic

Now once you have set the revenue goal, it is time to calculate the traffic. Study the graph of the traffic of previous records. Now correlate it with the prospective goals. Discuss it with your team. 

Even for emails and social media ads, you need to promote as per your goals. Setting the traffic limit can help in smartly investing in the promotion.

The route of the traffic

Driving traffic from all social media platforms is not wise. A few sites where your potential customers are available is enough. For example, if you are selling clothes, most clients will be on Instagram and Facebook. It is better to invest there than on YouTube.


Setting limits and earning according to the set goal can help in making a profit. Starting the black Friday‚Äôs ale without goals will end in loss only. The only creative way to attract customers is precision and hitting on target.