Cyprus justice method effectiveness worst in EU

The overall performance of the Cyprus justice process, as calculated by the time taken to finish court conditions, sites it at the bottom of the list in contrast with other European Union member states.

The 2022 EU Justice Scoreboard, which was released yesterday, gives a relative overview of the independence, quality and success of judicial units in EU member States.

Cyprus’ functionality is the worst in the EU.

The Scoreboard gives an once-a-year overview of indicators concentrating on the critical parameters of successful judicial devices:

Performance – the duration of the treatments, the percentage of processing and the number of pending scenarios.

High-quality – legal assist and court docket fees, training, checking of courtroom functions, finances, human resources and standards on the high-quality of court docket choices.

Independence – the perception of organizations and the public with regards to the independence of the judiciary, safeguards for judges and safeguards for the performing of national prosecutors.

Cyprus takes the longest time (in extra of 1,000 days) of all EU member states to solve civil, industrial, administrative and other conditions.

Cyprus also talks the longest time (in excess of 2,500 times) of all EU member states to solve administrative cases in all court docket instances.

Estimated time needed to resolve administrative cases at all court instances in 2020

Cyprus has one of the most significant figures of pending civil, professional and administrative conditions.

Cyprus also has the longest judicial critique time period of all EU member states.

Justice delayed is justice denied

“Justice delayed is justice denied” is a legal maxim. It suggests that if lawful redress or equitable aid to an hurt social gathering is out there, but is not forthcoming in a timely manner, it is proficiently the same as acquiring no cure at all.