New Jointly-Owned Structures Legislation drafted

Anybody who’s had dealings with the Jointly-Owned Buildings Regulation will concur that it’s in dire will need of revision. I get as a lot of complaints and queries about this distinct law (two this early morning) as I get about Title Deeds.

It appears that, at long previous, the law is about to alter. A draft regulation for the administration and procedure of jointly-owned buildings has been ready by the Section of Lands and Surveys and the Commissioner for Laws.

Draft Jointly-Owned Properties Law

The draft legislation aims to address a range of really serious troubles with the latest regulation together with the deficiency of administration committees, non-payment of communal costs, coverage and partial or whole destruction of the developing. Its goal is to give management committees with the versatility to carry out its obligations, to assure that unit house owners meet their obligations and that qualities are adequately taken care of.

A management committee or owner who fails to comply with any obligation underneath the proposed legislation or regulations is issue to a good of up to €3,000.00.

New Service to oversee compliance

A different company will be proven accountable for overseeing compliance with the law. The role of the Department of Lands and Surveys will be limited to troubles relating to the occupation and registration of jointly-owned structures.

This new service will be liable for registering jointly-owned structures, the registration of administration committees with the Company and preserving a sign-up of the properties and their administration committees.

In addition to jointly-owned buildings that have been registered, the regulation will use to all jointly-owned properties that have been issued with a developing permit, division and approval certification (or a certification of unauthorised will work).

Management Committees

The draft legislation empowers management committee to declare expenses that are reasonably vital for preserving and operating the popular spots of the developing for which owners have not compensated.

The draft invoice (in Greek) has been posted on the Section of Lands and Surveys site for community consultation.

(A device translation of the draft new regulation into English may be considered by clicking below.)