Threat of electrocution in more mature households

Residents of some 60 to 70 for every cent of homes experience achievable electrocution owing to the age of the electricity supply switch, which fails to perform – and the absence of a neutral earth, Philenews reports.

This is what authorities advised the Household Refugees Committee, introducing that the trouble is larger in more mature electrical installations.

Indicative is the latest random inspection in the state’s Makarios III refugee settlement in Kamares, Larnaca, by the Electromechanical Assistance.

It disclosed that three of the 18 amenities inspected experienced to be changed urgently due to this hazard.

Centered on this conclusion and offered that the 305 units in the settlement were developed throughout the very same period of time, the variety of harmful facilities is all over 55.

Cyprus Scientific and Technological Chamber’s electrical mechanical engineer, Thomas Mita, advised Philenews that the percentage of houses with old services and consequently very similar complications ranges concerning 60% -70%.

And that if a time restrict was to be set on what ‘old facilities’ signifies, then it could be claimed that the premises designed before 2004 should be checked to see if their electric power offer switch operates and if the grounding is neutral.

The procedure of connecting neutral point of 3-period system to earth (i.e. soil) possibly specifically or through some circuit factor is called neutral grounding. Neutral grounding presents defense to folks and tools.